VIDEO: Armenian American Museum Program

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The Armenian American Museum will be the first world class cultural and educational center of its kind in America. The museum will feature a Permanent Armenian Exhibition, Traveling Multicultural Exhibitions, Performing Arts Theater, Learning Center, Demonstration Kitchen, and more.

Permanent Armenian Exhibition
The museum will feature a permanent exhibition on the Armenian American experience including the history of Armenia, Armenian Genocide, and Armenians living in America.

Traveling Multicultural Exhibitions
The museum will feature traveling exhibitions on diverse cultures and subject matters that will engage broad audiences and serve as a bridge that connects our multicultural community.

Performing Arts Theater
The state-of-the-art Performing Arts Theater will host a wide range of exciting events including performances, conferences, lectures, and shows.

Learning Center
The Learning Center will provide creative and innovative educational programs for youth to learn, engage, and grow.

Demonstration Kitchen
The Demonstration Kitchen will bring people together to learn, share, and experience diverse cultures through food and cooking traditions.

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